5 Things to Add to Your Baby Registry Right Now

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Dear Bluegrass, 

I have now registered two babies for shower gifts, and there are five items you never would have guessed are must-haves. Of course, there are your run-of-the-mill carseat, diapers, wipes, clothes, etc. However, my mom/nanny ventures have led me to believe that these products make my life infinitely easier, and that is exactly what everyone in the parenthood needs. In my honest opinion, Amazon and Target are the way to go as far as any sort of baby registry. They both offer gifts just for using their registry services (Amazon has an entire welcome box!), which just makes you feel warm & fuzzy. Lean in, and let’s peek at what’s in my home!

#Dustbuster: kids = crumbs. Even when my children haven’t consumed crumb-inducing foods, I STILL find crumbs, or crumpled leaves from outside, or sand that came home in a pocket from the playground. I personally own the hand vacuum linked to this post, and it.has.changed.my.life.

#Corelle: Inevitably, the kids want to help with the dishwasher or hold your plate or try to eat dinner from a “real plate”. Do yourself a favor and get a set. Your wedding registry ceramic plates will thank you. (I also prefer the plain white corelle because they double as chic little serving plates that I can easily take to an event.)

#GripeWater: My first offspring was a colicky baby which basically means she just cried a lot. We used gas drops and Dr. Brown’s bottles, but still–unexplained screaming. Gripe water helped us so so much. It’s magical properties probably cut the crying in half. Even my second, happier baby has used this for obvious indigestion/discomfort!

#WaterproofMattressPads: On every bed in your house. Spit up. Vomit. Pee. Juice. Milk. You name it. It’s happened. 

#BloomingBabyBath: It fits in any sink, doesn’t take up a lot of space, and it can be thrown in the dryer. When your baby outgrows it (around 7 months for us), just use a laundry basket in your shower or tub until they can be trusted to sit by themselves during bathtime. 

Photo by Nynne Schrøder on Unsplash

….and one more bonus item!!! You’re welcome.

#BabybumDiaperCreamBrush: Nobody in their right mind wants caked diaper cream under their fingernails or have to use two extra wipes every time just get that thick diaper cream off. This product sounds absolutely ridiculous, but IT. WORKS. PERFECTLY. That’s why it has a 92%, 5-Star review rate on Amazon. 

Parent friends, you’re going to make it. With or without these things. I have full faith that if the pioneers can survive the Oregon Trail without the cutest little baby bath then we can, too. But it is 2019, and you can have these shipped to your doorstep in 2 days. If you need a little more convenience and would like to save a little more time, add these to your registry now. Or maybe you don’t even have kids; you just need to vacuum your car out and eat on a virtually-unbreakable plate on your way to work. No judgy eyes here. We all need all the help we can get. Sometimes the village is still helping to raise my own momma self.

With spirit & sass, 


December 10, 2018
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