Meet the Mogger (mom blogger)

All sass aside,  I started this endeavor in the very last year of my roaring twenties. It just seemed time for a mini mid-life crisis, you know? I’ve shared all the #momlife memes and snort-laughed at #thiskid stories on social media, and thought…why not me, too? Surely I’ve got some juicy stories to tell.

Currently, I’m a stay-at-home-champion. (SAHM just doesn’t sound plucky enough.) I know how fierce it can be raising tiny humans because I own two of them. (As I’m typing, the littlest crumb snatcher is trying to pull my socks off and wiping her nose on the couch, and I know you’re all LOLOL because YOU KNOW.) As a former elementary educator, I have had a hand in molding not-my-own-kids as well. My home is a big small-town in Kentucky where I consume copious amounts of caffeine (sweet tea included), invent budget-friendly ways to entertain my tiny villains, and basically rewatch Gilmore Girls over & over (because who has time for live tv, am I right?). In the 39 spare seconds I have to myself during the day, I like college football, queso-covered anything, and going places I haven’t been before. I also like trying to bring home pets I don’t need.

I’m big on frugality, but not at the sacrifice of quality. I’m an introverted storyteller who would rather thrive than just survive. I’m bold and reliable, familiar and real, hoping to be transparent & bare-faced as I navigate these seasons of the little years.

Welcome to Dear Bluegrass, friends! If you haven’t read the welcome post, come on in & stay a while!