Ode to the Potette Plus

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Dear Bluegrass, 

I have an almost 3-year-old, which usually means two definite things in the world of parenting: a bigger bed and (audible gasp) potty training. I asked my mom group friends and my mom and read blogs and scrolled through Pinterest. As it turns out, childhood milestones can be just as intimidating for parents, too. They have a way of sending us scrambling for a board full of pins that promise “the easy way”. I was no different; you can read all about our toilet training tales here.

The one thing that there was no consensus on was the absolute, 100%, have-to-buy this potty seat. Well look no further; here it is. After reading the positive reviews from others combined with my own personal experience, I’m convinced that the Potette Plus travel potty and trainer seat is the only potty you will ever need. (Now, we personally own 3 different potty seats that all serve their own purpose, but if you’re on a budget and just buy one, let this be the one.) 

The 2-in-1 Potette Plus is a convertible seat. Yes, you read that right. Not only will it rest on top of your toilet as a training seat (with a place for said child to put their hands instead of the actual toilet), you can also adjust the legs, and it turns into a floor potty. You can pick your jaw up from the floor now. As a floor potty, there are two liner options: disposable or reusable. We use both! We actually keep the Potette Plus potty in the back of my suv as an on-the-go-potty (which I highly encourage). The reusable liner is collapsible for easier storage and is super easy to clean. The disposable liners have a built in absorbancy pad and are simple to attach in place to the seat. The 2-in-1 seat also comes with a travel drawstring bag for added sanitary measures. I seriously cannot stop singing the praises of this potty seat. Sometimes Amazon bundles all the items, and it turns out cheaper, too!

Now for the anecdote you’ve been scrolling to find: as I previously mentioned, we keep this potty in the back of the vehicle all the time, and we sometimes get it out when we’re playing outside. Our home has a fenced-in patio area that is way more convenient to run to than traipsing everybody back inside. No judgement please, but yes, we often get the Potette Plus out of the car and set it in the patio as a mini port-a-potty if you will. One Friday last October, we accidently left it outside. For some reason, we’d carried it to the grass beside the car but not actually placed it inside the vehicle. I start the car, back up a little, then begin to pull forward…and POP! POP! You guessed it. You guys… I RAN OVER THE POTETTE POTTY.

Immediately, I cringe and jump out because I know that I’ve just destroyed our favorite, most convenient potty. Two days for  Amazon Prime to send us another could be too long of a wait! I round the car and there sits the perfect little potty, unscathed.

That loud pop? Just the legs locking into place.

I ran over this potty seat with a 2 TON SUV and NOTHING HAPPENED. Now please don’t test this yourself, results may vary, but if this little episode doesn’t convince you of the magic of the Potette Plus,  I don’t know what will. If you’re looking for convenient and worth every penny of a bargain, run to Amazon now.

It might be TMI of me to share, but I’ve seriously also used this potty once on a middle-of-nowhere type escapade (another tale for another time), and it worked just fine for me, too. When it’s in floor potty mode, it is a little lower to the ground than other potties, but my 42-inch 3-year-old can use it just fine, and it actually spurred her to want to use the regular toilet more often. I call that a win, too!

So maybe you just want a little travel potty for yourself (some of you are rolling your eyes and the others are blowing-air-out-of-your-nose-laughing) or maybe you’ve just entered into the uncharted territory of potty training your kid. Either way, now you know. The 2-in-1 Potette Plus did not sponsor me in any way to tell you all of this (although they totally should!)…I’m just sharing the mom code of when you find something brilliant, share it. Potty on.

With spirit & sass,


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