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I like to consider myself one thrifty mother (see my consignment post here!), but it’s harder to consignment store shop for myself for two reasons: I often have my tiny humans in tow, and adult clothes and adult bodies sometimes just don’t fit well together…which leaves the whole whole trying on in a fitting room while previously mentioned offspring giggle at your underwear.


I’ve found an a l m o s t fool-proof solution.

Enter You can search for any type of clothing, any category, any size, any style, and there it is for less than retail price. There are designer items and maternity options galore. Over $79 gets you free shipping, and they often have promo codes to get you to an even lower total! If you use my referral link, you’ll get a free $10 just to try it! Plus, if for some reason an item doesn’t fit or you just just changed your mind, it’s free shipping straight back to them. There really is nothing to lose, and I guarantee once you click on this link, your budget won’t believe how much you won’t be spending on the latest trends.

Go ahead — satisfy your curiosity. You and I both know you’re thinking, “It can’t hurt to just look”…;) Happy browsing & money saving, friends.

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February 18, 2019
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