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Dear Bluegrass, 

I just collapsed on my couch, lost in the fog of my annual post-Glendale days stupor, and I’m already a little nostalgic of today’s fall festival memories. That how you know it’s been a good day. If you haven’t heard of the small town of Glendale, Kentucky…you.are.missing.out. Open your phone calendar and go ahead and fill in the 3rd Saturday in October 2019. Think Hobby Lobby meets Buy Local, and there you have the Glendale Crossing Festival. 

Ordinarily, Glendale is already a haven of antiques and farmhouse decor, boutiques and Amish goods, but this crafter’s festival is on steroids. 2018 was the biggest turnout I’ve seen to date. Over 500 booths and 20,000+ people and unique finds for miles. My family goes every year, buys up ornaments and signs and jewelry, then has a purchase party after where we share all of our scores. Don’t bother googling Glendale; here are the links: Glendale, Ky and Glendale Crossing Festival

If you’re looking for unique, but still on point with all the trends, this is the place. This year I noticed a ton of “farmhouse” decor, but every piece was different. Here are some insider tips for your trip planning:

  • Bring cash. You’ll have to pay to park in one of the neighboring fields, plus not all of the vendors accept credit card (and sometimes the ones that do have slow transactions because of slow internet connection.)
  • WEAR PRACTICAL SHOES. I know its fall, and you’re dying to wear your plaid shirts and booties, but I’ve seen a few too many trip through the grass and gravel. Plus if you plan on browsing for hours like myself…
  • Get yourself one those collapsible wagons to put your haul in. Trust me.

I’ve kind of a developed a system for how I peruse the sections and booths, and I save the real stores and boutiques for a day when they’re not as crowded. You’ll have to tailor your plan of action to your preferences, but I have never heard of a person say they wish they hadn’t gone to Glendale. Below are some other mentionable arts & crafts shows that have a similar vibe: 

  • Appalachian Holiday Arts & Crafts Market
  • Bardstown Arts, Crafts, & Antiques Fair
  • Grand Rivers Arts & Crafts Festival
  • Greater Cincinatti Winterfair
  • October Court Days (Mt. Sterling)
  • Spring Fling Flea (Expo Center in Louisville)
  • Winter Wonderland Arts & Crafts Show (Louisville)

There are numerous other small town festivals and fairs that I’ve been to, but there is definitely more variety at the bigger events. You can find a more comprehensive list for your state at Festival Net. Happy festivaling, and I can’t wait to see you there!

With spirit & sass, 


December 9, 2018
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