Why I’ll Never Buy Dry Sweeper Cloths Again

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Dear Bluegrass, 

Activating mom code: if you discover (or someone tells you) something brilliant, time-saving, or money-saving, pass it on! A couple years ago, I was snooping on a friend’s grocery list on her fridge when I saw dry sweeping cloths on there. I turned to her and said, “You know you can just make your own, right?”

“Say whhatttt?!” says friend. “Why didn’t you tell me?! I could have been saving money and having less trash for years?!”

And this is how it happened: 

About 3 years ago, I stumbled upon a little blip of an article (& I can’t remember where! Sorry!). The article had helpful home hints and hacks. So this is totally not my brain child, per say, but I minimalized it, and made it easier, and dare I say, better.

The hint was all about making your own sweeping pads. Genius, right?! No more using 13 cloths to clean your whole house that will inevitably end up in a landfill. The article had a little dimensions graphic, and I think it involved sewing (which is not up my alley at all), but the key a-ha! item was fleece. Just regular old fleece material. Seriously, you can find this anywhere: craft stores, online, those free little blankets you end up with from an airline or marketing giveaways.

I’m pretty sure I audibly gasped, then took myself to the store. I purchased my fleece from a big box store from the leftover scraps, bargain bin of materials/fabrics. Y’ALL. I paid less for my entire little roll of cute fleece than for one box of off-brand dry cloths. I hurried home, never more stoked to sweep before. To make them fit, I placed my dry sweeper on a piece of material, measured (making sure to leave enough material to go over the top), then cut out little rectangles. Mine are about 9 inches by 10 inches. I fitted a new fleece rectangle around my sweeper mop, tucked into those little grabby attachment “teeth” and zoomed it around the house! They did a great job cleaning, and I even used them to run along the tops of shelves as dusters. I made around 10-12, and three years later, I’m still using some of the same ones!

To clean, I just shake off the excess crumbs/dust/hair into the trash bin, then wash with my towels. They’re good as new. Over time, some will not wash as well or start to shrink in or fray a little, but I got an environmentally-friendly and WAY cheaper alternative for years. Now I’m totally not dissing Swiffer (if you don’t own a dry sweeper, you need one!). It’s the quietest cleaning device I own, and it gets under the couch perfectly.

The possibilities for design are endless with this project. You can get any sort of print: school colors, holiday prints, themes, plain colors, animal prints. You could even let your chore-ready kids pick out their own cute fleece and maybe they’ll sweep more. Please let me know the success rate with that!

So cross that off your grocery list or unsubscribe from your Amazon Prime . Sweep cleaner and easier…and with a little more flair. 

With spirit & sass,


December 5, 2018
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